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When it comes to marketing of quality homoeopathic or phytopharmaceutical medicines, no single entity or group can claim to have as rich a history, refined tradition and best ethical practices as Dr. Hamid General Homoeo (Pvt) Limited does. The company represents M/s Dr. Willmar Schwabe GmbH & Co.KG, Germany and its subsidiary M/s Deutsche Homoeopathie-Union (DHU) in Pakistan and is the largest importer of homeopathic medicines in Asia, including India.

The company handles and controls about 70% market of imported homoeopathic medicines in Pakistan. The range of medicines imported by the company varies from simple generic homoeopathic remedies as Aconite and Belladonna for colds and fevers to branded phytopharmaceutical products like Valexan and Prostakan for depressive disorders and prostate related problems respectively.

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